How to get links on 20 blogs?


What is an inbound link?

Inbound links are definitely one of the most important parts of successful SEO. Links pointed to your website are the number one factor in Google’s determination of your SERPs rank, which has a huge influence on your position in their search engine results. Since Google accounts for roughly 90% of the search queries performed on the web, inbound links are very important if you’re looking to reach the majority of internet users.

Inbound links are defined as links found elsewhere on the web that direct users to your site only. Inbound links differ from reciprocal links, which occur when someone links to your site and your site links back to them in turn.

While these do factor into Google’s SERPs rank assessment and other search engine algorithms, they do not carry the same weight that one way, inbound links do. In addition to increasing your SERPs Rank and appealing to search engines, inbound links also work to increase traffic to your site.

What we offer is something hard to find in the SEO industry. We just opened up a new network of 20 blogs offering outbound links.

What is the difference between us and the rest?

Lately, everybody is offering links on their related sites for sale. They build a SERPs Rank to the desired value and then offer links to market. The customers get what they are offered,  but there’s on thing that they are usually missing. What the seller fail to achieve is to keep the level of their outbound links to a decent level, so they don’t loose the rank of their out links.

So, we decided to set up the things completely opposite way. While we were building this blog network, we started to abide by the following guidelines to the very end, and that’s what you are exactly offered.

What do we offer?

  • A network of 20 blogs with custom design each.
  • All sites has high DA/PA Rank.
  • All of the sites are 10-15 years old, and the age does count a lot.
  • Each site is on a separate C-class IP.
  • Private name servers, and different WHOIS data.
  • Our links are capped to 10 outbound links per site, ONLY. That means that not more than 10 links per site are sold.
  • Each blog has clean custom written content that’s been updated at least once a week.
  • A twitter account linked with every site. All of them has a lot of followers and retweets for each and every blog. Your links will be twitted.
  • 500k+ monthly unique visits to the network.
  • All published links are site-wide and added at the top of the sidebar.

There’s no need to keep up the up-sell talk, since this product is selling itself pretty well. Since this is the 3 network we built, there’s a lot of experience behind the project and we decided to make something outstanding.

Link sale and what to expect?

We are dedicated to offer the best customer support possible. Your satisfaction is our goal and we put all our hopes to make you happy. The proof are tenths of returning customer, so feel free to check out the testimonials page for more details.

We are ready to accept the responsibility to keep the high SERPs Rank and freshness of the sites as its been offered. And this is a guarantee!

Links Pricelist

A happy customer is the only customer possible!

Where to find the offer?

Check out the main page for the Inbound links price list and be quick about it.

Just to avoid the unnecessary confusion, each price is for 1 link on 1 site, and the smallest package is a link on all the 20 sites. So, to get the price of each package, make sure to multiply it by 20.

Feel free to contact us for custom deals! We are looking forward to talk to you!